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The Apartment Brokers Network™, or ABN, is a group of brokers and real estate experts whose members specialize in Multifamily Real Estate Brokerage. Our brokers are CCIM* certified and represent the most experienced and capable brokers in the multifamily investment industry. We service investor needs in all aspects of apartment building sales. This elite group of brokers has extensive experience and has bought and sold hundreds of apartment buildings. ABN brokers offer the best representation available for buyers and sellers.

Our independent brokerage firms work together on a regional and national level in apartment building sales, apartment building rehab/renovation, 1031 exchange cooperation, and property management. Although our focus is on multifamily real estate endeavors, the individual brokerages may also offer additional services including: commercial & residential property sales, redevelopment, land development, disposition & receivership, REO services, and other aspects of real estate in general.



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Dianne was excellent in all aspects. -Erin O.
Very professional, always prepared, available, smiling ... -Gary H.
Your Team did a tremendous job ... upbeat, patient, and professional. -Steve D.
Ya'll were incredible ... I was impressed with your service. -Tom Z.
They are extremely knowledgeable, professional, prompt, and very nice!
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